The most ardent followers of Anna Hazare in his campaign against corruption in India have been the young people. An overwhelming number of them are college educated. As anybody knows India for years has become an incubator of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. The politicians and those who surround them - relatives, friends and benefactors- quickly snatch away any available job or privilege where as those without a connection remain hopelessly behind. People at the top - Party functionaries, bureaucrats and those who have easy access to them - get the lions' share of benefits from an existing system that seems to be forever stacked against a vast majority of the youth in the country. No one can blame them if they get angry and upset and join a movement against the status quo.

There was a time when ordinary folks were ready to accept things as they are. Thanks to the spread of education and technology a new kind of awakening has taken place among the masses.They see that a handful of privileged individuals are depriving a vast majority of them their rights . One does not have to believe in a class-struggle or become a Communist to realize this reality in the country. At every turn , one can very well see what is happening and who is doing it. Graft and bribe are present everywhere. There also exists a confluence of money, influence and power. Many seem to have plenty of the three. Ordinary folks continue to wish for things to change for the better. It does not. And that is when they look up to the youthful activists of their time.

Throughout history the young men and women of the day have always remained on the frontline of a social change. Gandhiji, for example, invited the "young India" to join him to protest the Raj. Tens of thousands answered his call. In the same way Jaya prakash Narayan's total revolution saw thousands of students and youth participating in it. In the United States during the Civil Rights movement youthful activists through their sit-ins, marches and voter registrations forced a change in their country that finally made some earth-shaking laws for its citizens. Even today, the vanguards of the Arab Spring have been the Youth of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. Therefore ,Anna Hazare's movement being supported by the Indian youth should not surprise anyone.

India has million of college educated men and women who are unemployed and unhappy. In many cases many of them fall victims to a sense of hopelessness. Among all the malaises the country suffers, it is the hopelessness among its youth that is most dangerous and catastrophic. Given the conduct of the Government and the people who run it the youth of the day tend to feel disillusioned and disaffected. There appears to remain a great deal of disparity between what the political bigwigs say and what they actually do. As if the deck from the beginning is stacked against the disconnected and disaffected youth. Like a mouse running on a cart wheel, no matter how fast these young men and women run, they remain stuck in the same place. Such an unfortunate situation breeds anger and frustration in the minds of the youth. Last month, the entire United Kingdom seemed to be exploding. There, young hooligans created havoc through arson and looting. A few years back, France had its share of the youth revolt. Right after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr , almost every city in America suffered from violent uprising of the black youth. It was their unbridled anger that destroyed everything in its way.

It is not impossible for things like that to happen. in India as there are pockets within the country where injustice is highly concentrated.The number of unemployed youth in the area and the lack of basic necessities in life could trigger havoc at any time.. On the one hand, mediums like cinema and television project a life of opulence and care free consumption. On the other hand the youth find themselves broke and unemployed. For a vast majority, resentment and anger become the net result. It is difficult for them to see, in the heat of emotion, the moral imperative of a nonviolent struggle for change. By fasting and giving their collective anger a nonviolent twist Anna Hazare has done a great favor to India

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