“Didi is Dada” – blares the headline

Mamta Banarjee has defeated the communists in West Bengal . By defeating the communists she has brought herself closer to becoming the first female chief minister of west Bengal should an Assembly election be held within a year. The wind is in her favor.

Right now, the trinamul congress is in charge and the congress party is relegated to playing the second fiddle in West Bengal . from the days of Indira Gandhi both the congress party and the communist have remained each others benefactor. In nearly four decade, something new seems to be in the horizon.

Within the Government, P. Chitambaram’s stock as the home minister of India seems to be remained earth bound for ever. It is the Naxalites in tribal area of chhatishgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand that causing him problems. While the government has declared a war on the Naxalites the rebels seem to be reaching deeper into the population. For example, a 19 year old named Prabir Mhanta was arrested in Baripada along with his three comrades in their early 20s.Their offences, according to police were: they were putting of maoist posters; creating fear psychosis among people; raising funds for their activities. The organization the four of them belonged to was Police Sangharsh Berodhi Janagana Committee ( Committee to protest against the terrorism of police) the name of the organization they represent tells it all as to why the Naxalites are gaining ground. In many of the tribal areas the police have become the oppressor in various ways and the Naxalites are making a real good use of it. The government apparatus is trying its best to discredit the group but many of its actions such as the picture of a dead Naxalites while in police custody graces the newspaper.

At the same time Maharashtra supreme Sarad Pawor is in deep trouble like Shashi Tharoor, he is perceived to be manipulating an IPL stuck. The jury is still out about his guilt or innocence but the damage to the reputation of a man who could have been the prime minister of India is already done. Now it is a matter of saving the screen. Congress party and the Manmohan Shingh Government are taking the hole thing in stride. While political wind of India – radical or self serving radical or self serving – is continuing to create vortex through out the land, it is the landscape of physical and emotional environment that is going through a sea of change. The Government welfare program intended to help the people at the bottom is making results. They could be providing money and material to build toilet in each house giving access to easy credits for business and farming, providing food grains chiefly to those leaving below poverty live and the like. These programs have brought a new kind of confidence among the people. There seems to be a new and compelling exuberance every where. Even isolated corners of rural areas from where I am making this observation carries the sounds of metal tools. Busy hands of a youth full workforce is seen every where. This has brought social changes the have unlocked freedom at different levels through out the country. Freedoms of speech and action bring unprecedented change and India is no exception to there rule. Although this spigot of progress seems to be opened widely, those who are located in strategic position seem to getting the lion’s share of benefit. On the other hand great deal of wealth gets concentrated in a few hands in a short time. In urban areas it may not matter but in villages where every body and family lives are twined together from generation such disparity causes havoc. Jealousy and violence spread. For many, discrete and unnerving situation because the trained leads toward increasing alienation and filled with crime stories. In spite of all the good things that are happening in areas of education, industry, employment, rural development, urban planning, political maturity and so on, cataclysmic changes within the social milieu generates new worries. These are the cause and affects of the new change in the air. This is a challenge. Without taking this challenge head on, it would be difficult for India to make further headway.

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