Immigration in the United States has become a hot issue, so contentious that the US government has been shut down over the solution of this problem. How to deal with those who arrived illegally as children (Differed Action on Children Arrived), known as DACA is the bone of contention.

Affected by war, poverty and violence,many from around the world are attracted to America's wealth and its underlying sense of hope. Their influx, legal or illegal, also infuriates many here. Many of the maladies are attributed to a loose immigration policy of the government. A lot of people in the United States believe in the Bible that says God created everybody. So they love humanity. But that love is in abstract. When it comes to day to day living, things kind of get messy. Prejudice and bigotry rise to surface. When President Trump says that he is the least racist person one can meet, he is right. But speaking racially, he is not prepared to accept nonwhites as equals. He seems to be at pain to see the progressively deteriorating supremacy of his race in America and elsewhere. If the trend continues, very soon whites in America will be a minority.

At a social level this very question raises a red flag. A fear of losing identity becomes unbearable for many. Especially in locations where unemployment is high and economic conditions are precarious, people try to find an easy answer for their misery. They want to blame someone. For them, in the present day America, immigrants foot the bill. People of this mindset live mostly in rural areas and rust belts where factories and mines have been closed for a long time and most people are on welfare. Before the election, they pinned their hopes on Donald Trump. In order to keep his promises to them, now President Trump is prepared to abrogate a free trade agreement withmany nations. He is refusing to be a part of the team that works for climate change. Under his direction his Department of Justice stands to evict 700,000 children and youth. Most of them came here with their parents at an early age and know no other country. They are being forced to leave.It is cruelty.Yet,the Trump administration is doing exactly that. Even if the Courts have repeatedly stopped many of the bans and deportation of people the government has not stopped trying. Many of the supporters of President Trump support his administration's stand.However, such a stand has been grossly unpopular throughout the world. Nearly 5000 tech workers from India stand to lose their privilege of staying here. Their return home would cause a big economic loss for India.

Every country has a right to protect its interests.The Trump camp's slogan for "America First" makes sense in that context. However, America's interest is spread far and wide. It touches every corner of the earth and every discipline of knowledge. As it stands, in order to safeguard its own interests the US needs other countries. Take for example, a nuclear threat from North Korea or the war in Afghanistan. In both cases the US publicly seeks help from others. In the UN it depends on other nations to prevail. Going alone is not practical anymore because through mass communication the world has become connected and the people are linked with each other. It is very different now. No country is an island in itself. There are some who either do not understand or refuse to accept this reality. As some do not accept climate change and its impact or the evolution theories in general, so they are oblivious to the churning vortex of change around them. The only thing they in the United States want is no "foreigner" in their sacred land. There are many who find themselves thrown into a situation where they must deal with issues for which they were never prepared. As if they belong to a different generation where white men were in charge. One did not have to worry about terrorists, climate change, immigrants or the internet. Sadly, those days are gone.

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